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Cute Cats Demand Hugging And Petting Compilation 2017

Cute Cats Demand Hugging And Petting Compilation 2017
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Why Kids Love Cats So Much

There are many children who want to have a cat for a pet. Perhaps, your children are among these who desire to have one. If you are wondering why children love cats so much, the below reasons will provide some insight into this. Cats provide good entertainment. Surely, you have seen a cat scamper across the tops of furniture, shimmy up the walls and jump down from high places and land right on his or her feet. To us who are grown, these behaviors are annoying. We wish that the animal can stop behaving in this fashion and stay out of the way. Kids, on the other hand, find these behaviors to be funny. They sit and watch in amazement, and they laugh heartily. Kids also enjoy playing games with their cats, like fetch, and they like to teach them how to do tricks. When these animals entertain these children, they will stay out of the hair of the adults and have something to do during boring times. (more…)

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  1. Fuc…ng ass..e don't pushed the cat away. Give her love and attention. Impote.. If u can't take care of the catty then don't. .. Better give it to someone who will able to take care of. I hve my cat she grew up in my arms and i hve never pushed her. Till now she stick to me everywhere i go.

  2. To the people who say that cats are aloof : these cats love attention from their humans and give it back in return. Cats may not run to the door as soon as they hear you coming, but they still love their humans and miss them when they are gone.

  3. Me emociono mucho ver este video. Mi Polita (para mi era mi hija), fue asi conmigo, ella predecia con bastante antelacion cuando yo, estaba llegando a casa. Me contaban que como a los cinco minutos antes que llegara, mi niña se ponia a maullar muy fuerte al lado de la puerta y cuando yo entraba, era como si viera a su estrella de cine mas famosa, hiba corriendo a mis pies, se restregaba en mis zapatos y me miraba hacia arriba en señal de que la tomara en brazos.
    Cuando la abrazaba me recostaba con ella sobre mi pecho, como un bebe, sintiendo su agradable calorcito y el aroma tan exquisito de su cuerpo, sus ronroneos suavecitos y sus besos infinitos. Por Dios, que me hacia feliz, el amor tan leal e incondicional que mi pequeña me daba, no lo voy a tener nunca mas en mi vida.
    Recogi un gatito de la calle para darle una vida digna….pero, no es lo mismo….ya nada es lo mismo sin mi hermosa Polita, la extraño tanto, la necesito tanto.
    Pienso que cuando me llegue la muerte, esta sera para mi un tremendo regalo, pues me dara la fortuna de reunirme con mi pequeña, para la eternidad.
    Polita, amiga, hija, madre y compañera de casi 20 años, recibe mi homenaje de agradecimiento alla en ese cielo que tu ahora haces mas hermoso con tu luz y especial esencia de paz y amor. 😺😺😺💕💖💕

  4. I cant decide who is more lovable, my 6 pound cat inky, or my 6 ton elephant big boy. I have to be careful when big boy sits in my lap. But inky is ok in my lap.

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